Our Flagship outlet at illusion 3D Art Museum, Second Floor, Annexe Building, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur opened it’s doors to the public on 16th July 2015. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, illusion 3D Art Museum is one of the must visit places in Kuala Lumpur. With more than 36 pieces of hand painted 3D art paintings displayed in our art gallery within a century old building filled with aged wood and rustic ambience.



More Than 36 Hand Painted 3D Art Paintings
Amazing Augmented Reality Experience



Visited the Melaka branch at Dataran Pahlawan with my family in December. Had a fabulous time there! The staff are very welcoming and friendly. Wide array of well-lot booths with interesting themes (romance, adventure, nature...). A great place for both young and old to unleash our creativity! The augmented reality show is also a very unique experience. 5/5 recommend this place for family bonding time.
Azira Mohamed
5 stars.This was one of our favourite places in KL. The kids had a lot of fun. Great value augmented reality pics and videos.
Hanan Khalil
As a photographer I liked it a lot! I had good time and service was spectacular even though I was alone. Would go there again.
Sami Kallioniemi
I had a awesome time in Illusion 3D Art Museum! The paintings are absolutely fantastic! Surreal! The moment i saw the Augmented Reality video contents, me and my family and friends were captivated by the scenes felt as if u were interacting with the altered realities on the awesome screen. I feel extremely proud that such a quality product was produced in London because that's where i come from? Hertford !! Woop woop . Awesome place 😀
Stephen Miller
If you are old, this is the place to become a child again. For a child, this is the place to trow out all your imaginations and be creative to explore new experience.
Mahadi Abdullah
Discovered this place right in my own backyard! Loved the place and had lots of fun interacting and posing with the 3D art that was on display! The augmented reality segment was pretty awesome as well! Sometimes you don't need to go far to have fun!
Nick Arthur
My 2nd visit here. Really enjoyed the uniqueness of this place. Highly recommended place to have fun and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.
Farouq Azhan
Located on the second floor of the Central Market Annexe, quite isolated i say. But this hidden gems bring joy to us as we have a cosy, air-conditioned space which is quite private and you can pose to your heart content with the illustration. For art lovers , the illustartion are HAND PAINTED!, which I guess explained the entrance fee!, fret no more, it is also inclusive the inde's augmented reality video in a video hall which we enjoy interacting and acting with and have a good laugh. Recommended for all! They have student price too which is a bargain for us
Sarah Wan Nizam


Lot 4.01-4.03, Second Floor,
Central Market Annexe,

Jalan Hang Kasturi,
50050, Kuala Lumpur

+603 – 2022 1613/15


F2-29, Second Floor, Jalan Merdeka,

Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall,

75000, Bandar Hilir, Melaka

+606 – 221 3002